Getting in touch /making an appointment

I do walk ins only on Saturdays at Rose tattoo. first come , first served.

for appointments email us at criscleencontact@gmail.com. For all work, I take a $110 paypal deposit to c.cleen@yahoo.com which is non refundable and $100 comes off your final tattoo price. we allow one reschedule.


I don’t use an hourly rate unless it is for large scale work. We don’t give quotes online or through email. To get a quote , you can call Rose Tattoo at (347) 529-5064 and speak with me directly or come into the shop and speak to me directly. Before all work gets done I give the price of the tattoo. We except cash only and have an ATM in the shop.


Almost all of the work i post is from a book of drawings i have that has to be viewed in person. I add and replace drawings often. The designs will get tattooed multiple times. That’s what flash is. The shared language of tattooing that I’m attracted to. We also replace and add new painted flash to the walls of the shop regularly.

Custom work

I am open to custom ideas. If your looking for something extremely specific to your personal history and you don’t want anyone else to be able to get the same tattoo, it will cost more . A lot more. We are posting and advertising our work to promote future work so if your design can only be yours, you will have to buy that.

Travels /Guest spots

I always post my travels on Instagram. If i don’t go to your city in the US and you can't come to me , get 9 people to put down a deposit and be able to get tattooed the same week and I’d come out.

A Face For Radio

I did a radio interview and played songs i like for Past Haunts in Portland, Oregon in 2014.